Saturday, April 09, 2005

The long and winding Blog

Well I was proved wrong. There were more photos coming, and they duly arrived. However there are still more to come, methinks. So dig up your treasures, open your shoe boxes and get those old 1975-vintage pics scanned. Don't have a scanner - find one! Garth doesn't accept excuses and nor do I.

Well OK, there are some reasonable reasons to not scan. Perhaps you are a Luddite and it's against your faith. Or you caught your tie in one once and still bear the psychological scars. I know I do. Whatever. Do what you can.

Cheers, Rob.


Anonymous said...

OK Blogger, I haven't quite worked out how to start my own post, so, in deference to the fact that there are currently a grand, sum total of ... NIL posts to this one, I may as well post my query here !

OK, I happen to have a very comprehensive list at work (and it could be worth LOTS to me if I ever happened to compromise my high moral standards and released contact details of some of the gals, or guys, as the case may be, in our year), but I digress .... I'm trying to work out who would have been the OLDEST and the YOUNGEST in our year, because I happen to know of a range from at least August 1957 babies through to (at last count) December 1958 babies.

With the exception of serial repeaters of course (i.e. those that joined us from years above), what sort of range do we have out there ?

There, that'll get the punters in !

gtveloce said...

RR is November, 1957.. next please...

Anonymous said...

O.K. Boogger,(oops sorry, very poor typing skills) Blogger; my birthdate is 5th March '58. A few random memories to start up the little gray cells.... Assembly in the morning with checks being done for hair length (over the collar,off to the barber)...Miss O'Briens short dresses (woof)... epic Aussie Rules games in 6th Form that took over the whole bottom playground and ran at 40 a side...Mr Ferris's phone books (big combie small teacher)... lets open the forum to any and all random memories out there !