Sunday, February 27, 2005

Latest updates

OK folks, this weekend we have some new pix from Pat Davies (sorry Pat, your new surname escapes me - forgive me) and I have updated a few things. There are more words of description added below the pictures for starters, and some of you will have noticed (a) this blog and (b) the poll. The poll will change periodically, just for fun. Let me know what you'd like. We can also do more comprehensive surveys, but only data freaks like me would want to do that...

I can post news to the blog, and everyone (and I do mean everyone) can comment. (Garth, I can set it up so you can post to the blog, too, if that's useful.)

Cheers, Rob.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Class of 75 - start blogging now

What is a webpage for if it isn't to communicate? What good is communication that is just one-way? Sadly your standard webpage doesn't allow for interaction - that old 2-way street - and neither will this blog! Well, it will allow some interaction - more that just a visitor's book allows anyway. Thus, in that spirit I present to you the power to comment - directly- upon these pages.

Feel free to say anything that relates to the Class of 75 re-union - or anything, really. Just remember that anyone could be lurking.

Cheers, Rob.