Sunday, April 24, 2005

Reminder - and a new forum

Folks, Garth's quest for demographic completeness continues - please update your birth day and year details by commenting on the previous entry - "Garth's demographic database".

A few people have responded to Blog comments in a chatty sort of way... so I feel obligated to open a forum for the Classof75. It's a typical forum or bulletin board (for those used to that sort of thing) and it's currently unused - it's in test mode and unpublicised - except here. Please use the area called "classof75" - obviously. Just page down a little and you'll see it. So if you want to chat, comment, respond, start new topics or whatever, please do so. It's at

BTW, you don't need to register (however it'll suggest doing so). If you do register you get more features, like private messaging and polls. Anyway, it's easier to use than the blog, or more powerful - or both. It's worth a try!

Cheers Rob.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Garth's demographic database

Garth asked: "OK, I happen to have a very comprehensive list at work (and it could be worth LOTS to me if I ever happened to compromise my high moral standards and released contact details of some of the gals, or guys, as the case may be, in our year), but I digress .... I'm trying to work out who would have been the OLDEST and the YOUNGEST in our year, because I happen to know of a range from at least August 1957 babies through to (at last count) December 1958 babies.
With the exception of serial repeaters of course (i.e. those that joined us from years above), what sort of range do we have out there ?"

And RR admits to a November 4, 1957 day of birth. Any one else wish to join Garth's growing demographic database?

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The long and winding Blog

Well I was proved wrong. There were more photos coming, and they duly arrived. However there are still more to come, methinks. So dig up your treasures, open your shoe boxes and get those old 1975-vintage pics scanned. Don't have a scanner - find one! Garth doesn't accept excuses and nor do I.

Well OK, there are some reasonable reasons to not scan. Perhaps you are a Luddite and it's against your faith. Or you caught your tie in one once and still bear the psychological scars. I know I do. Whatever. Do what you can.

Cheers, Rob.